Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been a while

With so very many summer time activities happening from day to day, I have not had the opportunity to share all the wonderful things that have happened over the last two months! I simply cannot believe that Nick graduated over a month ago and I still haven't shared with my friends and family (and faithful followers)!

Just a quick update from our classroom. The weekend after graduation I asked my dear husband if he minded me switching the classroom with Nicks room. This would allow Nick more privacy and also links both of the boys' rooms together. He gave me the green light and we began packing things up. It took almost a week to move everything! WHERE did all of that stuff come from?
I then asked husband if he would mind tearing out a wall that runs 24 feet long and move it back 4 feet. I think I actually got 5 feet. My laundry room is now MUCH smaller but I gained some much needed classroom space. He then began building me some storage cupboards which I am patiently waiting to be finished! Nick is REALLY liking the transition so everyone is happy.

Three weeks ago we began our summer school session. It was very hard to make the final decision as to whether we should school year round or not. Because DH has more of an opportunity to take time off and travel in the winter we decided to go for it. I had originally decided on only a half day at best. It's has morphed into a full day of work followed by either bowling, movies, swimming or a local field trip. We are very happy we can balance out work and play. I also consider myself VERY blessed that my husband is good with tools!

The  other addition to our classroom comes in the form of a new to home schooling family. We have opened our hearts and home  for them to come join us Mon- Thursday during the summer to see what EXACTLY  a  home school family does. We are really having a delightful time and the kids are learning so much!
So when you see some additional faces in the pictures to come, you wont be wondering WHO these people are!