Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making Handmade Papers

We did this project some time ago but looking back I see I forgot to add  it to my homeschooling how to collection.

Because we had so much fun doing this and also because I believe we will do MUCH much more of this over the summer I wanted to include it.

I had some new frames in the basement. While they were very nice and solid oak, my husband said to use them and I am glad that I did instead of taking the time to build frames.

I took several sizes and put old screen in them...

All I needed was a scissors and a staple gun.

The first batch we did we used paper from the paper shredder. WAY TO RECYCLE!

I took a big tub and filled it with a couple inches of water and made sure that my frames could move around easily.

I then decided I would like to try some color. So I found some old purple and blue scrap paper and blended it with some water to form a thick pulp. You then add this to your big water tub.

 You swish your frame inside the water tub until your screen is soaked. This one has a nice square trim around it because I put a second frame on top of this one to get the crisp edges.

We tried several kinds of sponges and towels and in the end a simple kitchen sponge worked best for us. You lightly press against the pulp to pull out the water, then peel the paper from the edges carefully. You can either let them airdry for a while or you can immediately iron them between towels. The latter is what we chose.

Some finished samples. We made about 75 of several different colors. My favorites were the brown and the greens. For Easter we punched holes in these and gave them as journals to friends.

Spring Soccer with Abby

I love watching this girl play. Of course I say that about all of my kids but seriously, she is just so funny sometimes. You can read every emotion this child has on her face. She won't put up with poor sportsmanship and don't you DARE do something that is grounds for a yellow or red card because she see's that as an injustice and will repeat the offending action and when the ref calls her on it she points out that it was JUST done to her.

Ever know someone's twin? I do! Coach Josh is a dead ringer for my Bestie Brian...

Half time pep talk.

Abby as Goalie! Not her usual position.

Abby and Jilly

Side line throw in. You know she REALLY doesn't match when  your husband asks if next time she can NOT wear the lime green head band and perhaps choose black or white!

Little princess was about to take the ball here in this picture and go for goal!

Great way to be healthy!

Five games in nine days!

Thanks to the rain, sleet and snow the girls from Hali's team "Scream" have had to play five very hard and grueling games in just a few short days. Add to that 4 practices and you will see they didn't have ONE day off!

So here is the team in action...

For the record Hali is #1

That's my girl and her amazing foot!

Hali and her Bestie Molly cakes... Chilling after a hard game.

After this game Hali's shin guards were shattered! The team they played were a competitive team that has a paid coach. The kids are hand picked from the best of the best and it costs their parents several thousands a year to play.

The other prom pictures...

I am just going to share a few random pictures from this night. Maybe I will put up some more later but time is getting away from me and I still have a whole camera to upload and potentially blog about! LOL

Here is some of the pictures taken at prom.

BTW~ You will see both Nick and Liz in the Court Line up.

Oh look! It's me with the kids!

Paula and I celebrating our genius!