Sunday, November 15, 2009

Video of the Barn Dance

Let's see if I actually got this right! I will add the right links to this post as I finish the uploads.

Weeks 15 & 16 of school

I have been TRYING not to combine weeks into one post but we have been so busy and there are a million and one things my unsocialized homeschoolers partake in, I just don't have the inclination to separate them. So in a nut shell this is what we have been focusing on these last couple weeks.

Night eyes~ Animals that are nocturnal including Owls and bats. Abby has learned a lot about each one of these species and also made a few "pocket" books for them.

Koala bears~ We started a pretty large unit study on Koala bears this last week. Abby has done several craft activities that she loves to show to others when they come to visit.

American Indians~ WOW! We decided to start the typical Thanksgiving themed stuff early since I wanted to do several activities and not feel like I had to rush through things.

Pilgrims and Puritans~ Once again I feel like this small part of history is greatly overlooked! We will continue our studies using "living" books wrote in the 18th & 19th Century, listen to several podcasts and audiobooks and complete some more unit studies.

The boys are struggling with their math and science now that things have gotten harder. We had to pull out a number of video's to help them understand what I simply cannot explain. They are doing a higher level of math than I ever did.


found this fun game at

The fruit of the Spirit game.

I just HAD to get in on the paint chip Phonics too!

Naturalistic weaving like the American Indians did... Abby REALLY liked this project and requested to do it again but make a real basket.

We did a fun game to discover what her Native American name would be.


Our version of the Rain gods...




We really enjoyed making these rain sticks! Abby thinks that everyone should have one of these as instruments!

All finished!

Our parfletch  we created using native designs and then put secret messages in them for each other to open up.

By far we enjoyed alot of hands-on this week. Abby really learns so much better when we can do activities and for some strange reason it just sticks! Now, if I can just come up with several fun activities to finish out these next few weeks before the holidays!

After seeing Abby have all the fun... Hali decided to get in on the action and make her own rain stick! She doesn't want me to show the finished product however because its a gift!

Home School Barn Dance

I am quite tempted to upload some dancing these kids did the night of the barn dance. They were an ABSOLUTE riot! I believe all the kids had a fantastic time. Not only did we rent out Sibley's Orchard for the night, the kids also went on a hay rack ride and enjoyed a roaring bonfire! I know they kids had an excellent time and I do believe we had to kick them out at the end! "Just one more song!" Was heard over and over again.
I took  more video than I did pictures so I only have a few to share! If time grows on trees I will try to upload the others someday!

Musical chairs

A little refreshment before the hay rack ride

Nick and Chelsea on the hay ride

"Farmer's in the Dell"

Not a hair out of place!

I decided to go ahead and  upload those vidoes. I think they may be done by morning! Ha!

U 15 Soccer Tournament

Isn't this a beautiful group of young ladies? Hali was asked a couple of weeks ago if she would play Up with this group of girls for a tourney this last weekend. We talked to Hali about it because as most of  you know she is only 11 AND she really dislikes playing with all girls! She did a fantastic job at the tournament and did VERY well going up against some of these young ladies who are 4 years older than her!. Hali is pictured in the front row, just left of the Large trophy.

Congrats Hali for stepping out and pushing yourself beyond "comfortable" limits!

The shoot out!
We had tied the second game so we went into a 5 minute over time. We were STILL tied after that. So we had to do a shootout. This was the first time I have ever seen a game tie so many times!

This group of kids are the ones that Hali normally plays with. She is the tallest on her team! This was taken at our Team picnic where each of the kids got their metals of participation and we had great food, fellowship and a killer soccer game!

This is Abby and Her sweet friend Rozzia! the have been playing soccer together from the beginning!

And these little cuties just received their soccer awards! Abby was a bit "miffed" that she didn't get a share play metal this year since she has a slew of them that she has used as decorations on her window.