Friday, July 2, 2010

Nick's Graduation Luau

This is one of those posts where I am going to let the pictures speak a thousand words... Speaking of thousand... I took just a few more than that of this night! INSANE!

So ladies and gentleman... here is my Graduate.... and his Luau Bash!

Preparing for Nicks Graduation Luau

So just exactly how long does it take to prepare for a graduation party? The answer is about a year. Back in the fall I had Nick choose a theme. I was shocked when he said Luau. I was thinking some kind of football theme myself. So Nick began planning everything from his food to decorations. He even started his guest list. Good thing he began so early. Putting a party together is a huge responsibility.

The week of graduation we started all the prep work... and there was a TON of prep work. A month in advance we began baking cupcakes and freezing them. We started shopping for supplies and decorations... and of course we sent out invitations!

We decided to have the Grad party the NIGHT before Graduation. There was absolutely NO CONFLICT with anyone's schedule and this way our out of town friends and family could be here also.

The week was hot and beautiful!

We got the hot tub all scrubbed out

And the pool painted

Tree's trimmed and pool lights strung

We hung lights from the tree's, surrounded everything with Tiki torches

And made the last minute food preparations...

We did a nacho and baked potato bar... along with fresh fruits, salads and chocolates...

We rolled out HUNDREDS of tootsie rolls and decorated these little tiki men...

We made 300 cupcakes! That is a LOT of frosting!

We had over 200 people confirm they were coming..... The morning of the party the winds began blowing...

The food tent blew over 3 times. The decorations blew everywhere... and the Palm tree's Dave made were uprooted from the ground. The temp dropped to the point of needing coats! But thankfully... the rain only lasted a titch the night before...

All of this work was worth it in the end to make a very special night for my Graduate and also a special moment in time for all of the Seniors who would be walking across that stage in just a few short hours!