Monday, March 21, 2011

Confessions from the heart....

My best intentions~

Funny how I just posted about making some changes to my blog. I have been looking and looking for that piece of paper I wrote the new format on. Yes, I am a mess!

Today we started our spring cleaning. Do you think for the life of me I could actually FIND something I need right now? Sigh...

I am not very organized right now. In fact, while my house is clean and tidy... I can't seem to find a thing. Shocked? Don't be! This is not the first time that I have been in this situation.

Maybe the organizing fairy will come and visit tonight and all will not be lost! 


Considering a new format...

We have been on spring break this last week. During this time I have been really thinking and reflecting on what it is I want to share on my blog.

I am feeling like it's time to communicate more if my heart. The real me. Both the good and the bad of homeschooling. I also would like to share my personal journey in a way that is not long and over wordy... But in a way that is some how encouraging and uplifting.

This may mean I don't share as many pictures. It may mean I share more pictures than I usually do.

Just wanted to let my faithful peeps know there was going to be a small change.

And I am praying it's for the good!