Monday, April 16, 2012

My last post was the end of September! Wow~ Talk about being behind a little bit! School is almost over.

In just one short month we FINALLY get to graduate Aaron. I say finally because he was supposed to actually graduate LAST year but I was talked into giving him one more year of school and sports. I am very glad I did!

More on Home School graduation and the process a person has to go through in order to accomplish this feat with perfection!

On to some of the awesome things I didn't share over the last few months!

Here we are... Studying for SOTW again... Chapter 9 if your following along.

In 1883, the Krakota volcano erupted in Indonesia. The explosion was the loudest sound ever recorded. People all the way in Australia heard the eruption. The eruption caused tsunamis as for as South Africa. The tsunamis were catastrophic as they wiped out Telok Batong, Sumatra, Sirik and Semarang in Java. We decided to create our own volcano.

Next up: Some brilliant illustrations that my kids are doing with their Art teacher Danna York. This woman is absolutely amazing. Each of my kids have walked away from a drawing amazed that they actually created it!

Next up...
Every year a group of us insane females get together for about 12 hours of Black Friday Shopping Madness!  We took a couple of hours and created these darling little planners for a couple of friends. They are intended to use for 2012. Inside are all kinds of lists and envelopes for receipts. There is a great website  that you can print off your own copies. I have been using for several years now and it has helped me stay on track and well organized for the holiday.