Saturday, December 26, 2009

Annual Christmas Pictures

My dearest Hali came to me a couple days after I returned home from Arkansas. The complaint: We have not taken a Christmas Picture yet. So in the bitter cold and biting wind, I convince the other siblings what a GRAND idea this is. You see we ALWAYS take our Christmas picture in the fall. Somehow it just got over looked with all the things we had going on around here.

I didn't get very many pictures, and really only one of them I REALLY loved... but considering I got as many clicks as I did in the 8 minutes we were outside I consider my endeavor a success. I plan to send these out next month, when I send the letter announcing Nicks Graduation date.






HomeSchool Christmas exchange

If I haven't mentioned it before, let me just tell you all that I belong to the most awesome online Home school support board. These woman are such a blessing to me in so many ways. When I am discouraged or in need of some ideas to keep things in my classroom fun and exciting... they are only a click away!

It is a closed community, which makes me feel very safe and secure. Only home schoolers are allowed. If you have not joined a board, let me encourage you to take a look at this one. You couldn't find a better group of mommies (we do  have one dad)....

We do a Theme of the week and also participated in a gift exchange with the kids. That's what this post is about.

The package Abby got


Abby created this ceramic food safe bowl for Scotty.


She even signed the bottom...

Hali getting her package!

She thought this penguin was So CUTE!

The jewelery box Hali received... along with a bracelet!

All of her gifts together. The stipulation to this exchange was that the kids had to make their gifts themselves.

This picture and the one's following show how both Hali and Abby decorated the boxes that they were sending. Since we couldn't exactly wrap them, they did the next best thing! These girls SO have their momma's touch! Haha




An unexpected blessing

We got a little visit the other day, at 7:15 AM... Knock..knocking at our front door. Dear husband answered and I head footsteps, and more footsteps and him talking to someone. When I came out of my bedroom I had two of the Kansas City Secret Santa Clause's in my home, along with a slew of elves! You can go to this website to find out more about these folks.

We were blessed that morning more than one can imagine! We were given an award for Mom and Dad of the year, along with $500.00. When the kids were assembled they handed each of them $40.00! None of us could believe what had just taken place. During that morning's worship service, I could only cry. God was so very faithful to us!

Nicks' recognition Video's

I really felt that these should be posted separately from the other pictures. They actually go in the series from the Senior recognition Banquet.
However, since this is a special occasion for us... I thought this would be fine.

In case some of you all don't watch or play football.... there is something the boys do as a tradition to get themselves all riled up before the game, and after a break.... They call it the breakdown. To a mom, this little chant rises something up inside of you, makes you pray like crazy and cheer your kids on like your 16 again!

This was Nicks VERY LAST breakdown and yes, I cried!

Our Emergency Trip to Arkansas

Some of you may already know about my unplanned trip to Arkansas. In truth, it is this trip that kept me from uploading and posting on my beloved blog. My dearest sister fell asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete wall. the accident was very bad, she was in the hospital for half of my stay. We as a family are praising God for his mercy and grace. His healing hands not only intervened but brought my sister home!

Although it was hard to be away from home, I did have a couple opportunities during the very last week to sneak away and see some old friends. I should mention that I am very blessed, as most of my friends I have had for more than twenty years, some as many was 30!

My poor sister was bruised from head to toe...

This is my sweet friend Tonya. She and I grew up together in Bryant Arkansas. We met each other in 6th grade and have maintained our relationship. Tonya didn't know I was going to stop in her shop and surprise her! I didn't call ahead and I am glad I didn't! I had not seen Tonya since we were last in Louisiana.  Tonya and her family lived there until her husband was killed in a car wreck. I am so glad I was able to surprise her! You should have seen her face when she recognized who I was~ PRICELESS!
I owe my awesome new haircut to my friend! What a wonderful pampering treat!

I also got some snuggle time with Tonya's precious little daughter Lexi. She is absolutely the sweetest!

Because I had to run to the hospital every evening which was 45 minutes away from my moms, I managed to miss EVERY bonfire we had! While the kids were roasting marshmallows I was driving. Thinking that this was an injustice, I hid the last bag of marshmallows and had my own candle lit roasting party. My sister actually got in on this. At first she thought I was crazy... but who can resist a torched marshmallow?

Aunt Jenn getting some sugar from my Niece Alley.

I have been best friends with Brian since we were in elementary school. We share a love and passion for many things. However, I don't think history is one of his. Being the sport that he always is, and knowing I needed a break we planned a morning out. I left it all up to him since there was no internet access at my moms. The only stipulation was it had to be educational! I was very pleased when I hopped into his jeep the next morning, coffee in hand.... and found out what our plans for the day were!
The Museum of wars and the oldest cemetery in the area! TONS of civil war crosses here folks!

 Replica of the civil war tents the soldiers used.

Could  you imagine being the wife to a missionary of the Choctaw Indians? Those were my ancestors BTW...

Samuel Adams mamma.....

I actually shed a tear over this one... VERY beautiful and unique!

And this one was the whole reason we came! The grave of the youngest Martyr  in the Civil war.

This is at the bottom as a marking....

Atlas! My lovelies! These are two of my most FAVORITE girlfriends who went to Mt. Saint Mary's School for Girls! They have been fantastic and supportive blessings for years! I am on the left, then Miranda (Mandy) then Rebecca (Becka)

Fooling around.... Just ONE more picture please!

Mandie has been one of the best and closest friends a girl can have. She has been there for me through good and bad. I had the JOY of joining her at her home church while I was away. See, she is always looking out for me! Mandie also has 4 kids, one that will be graduating with Nick. her hands are full, as she has a set of 2 year old twin girls!

I think this is my favorite picture of us for all time!

One last pose to share!

Social Committee Meeting for the Senior Class

Our social committee for the Heart Senior Class has got to be the most creative and hard working group there has been! We spent an evening together, having desserts and making big plans for the Winter "Phantom of the Opera" Ball. I cannot wait to share pictures of the actual event. During the Ball itself, I was in Arkansas taking care of my sister who was in a bad wreck. I am awaiting the CD so I can share!

Everyone loves the yummies!

Hashing out the details. Notice that my dearest Nick is the only guy on the committee? Rough life!

I think they just finished wrapping up the details on the Senior shirts.

Paula (on the right) is gathering the kids together to finish our pow wow in the living room.

Getting ready to pray for our food and ask for much wisdom!

Did I mention I just LOVE this group of kids? They are so full of life and love! Great job kiddo's on a most excellent job this year!

Debbie's 50th Birthday

My girlfriend Debbie really wanted a party this year. So we sat down and discussed what she wanted to have and do. By the time you reach 50, I guess you know what you want. We hashed out the plans, all but the date and the time. That was the only element of surprise she had. She didn't know we had invited some of the "old" friends she had.

The party was a huge success and was a huge blessing for Debbie! My family all stepped in and helped Cater the occasion. I am so very proud of my kids!

Our Birthday Girl, Debbie!


Debbie's cake! It took me FOREVER to get this decorated! I wrote on the top...
"50 is not old IF your a tree!"
Hahaha... gatta love your friends!

My boy Aaron and Debbie's husband Dave, learning how to use the stilts. Actually, Dave was an old pro.

Aaron finally got the hang of it!

One of the games we played. Pin the eyeglasses on Debbie~ We blindfolded Debbie first and let her take her best shot.

All in all it was a beautiful party and I am so blessed to have this woman of God as one of my very best friends!