Friday, September 14, 2012

Biology and Twister?

Q. What do you get when you cross Biology class and Mrs. Seaholm as a substitute?

A. Biology Twister! Yes, you read that right! Mrs. Young had to go out of town this week for business. This necessitated the need for a sub. She didn't have much problem getting her lower level classes covered but, for some reason NO ONE wants to teach Biology for High Schoolers! I wonder why that is?

At any rate, Mrs. Young left me with 2 pages of terms and definitions with the simple instructions of "have them study for their test on next Tuesday"...

So I sat and I thought.... and quickly came to the understanding that I needed to act fast! HOW will we all endure a whole week of just flash card reviews? I mean, I understand the upmost importance of making sure these kids get this terminology down, understand the concepts and review the material... What can be done? HOW do I encourage each of these students to learn and study hard to make a good grade.

The first part of the week we play a fun little boys against girls game... great competition and a lesson about waiting until the question is fully given before answering...

The girls brought home a solid win by 1 whole question! Well, that was fun.. now what?


Just beginning the fun! Everyone on the mat. We had a secret word we could use at any time of we felt uncomfortable or needed to remove ourselves from the game... Just cry "uncle"

I'll have to say... Justin has got to be one of the most competitive boys I've ever met!

In the end, while they all did a fantastic job... they were wiped out and needed a little rest! The good news? There were only 2 definitions they still struggled with...
bionomial nomenclature and one even I can't remember!

Good luck Biology students on your upcoming test... and THANK YOU Mrs. Young for the privilege of teaching your class!